How to open and download wapsite like with firefox

i try to open wapsite like on PC with browser like mozilla firefox but i can't open this wapsite. i want to download content of this site from PC because cheaper than download from mobile phone.

so How it works??

1. Open firefox, and download this add on   User Agent Switcher then install; restart firefox.

2. Select tools - default user agent - edit user agent...
3. Click new - new user agent..
4. And fill form like this

Description = Opera Mini
User Agent = Opera/9.50 (J2ME/MIDP; Opera Mini/4.1.10781/302;U;en)
leave other form..
5. and click OK
6. Go to Tools - default user agent - opera mini
now you can surf , browse and download wapsite like with your PC and save your money :D

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