Create Your Own Avatar

I just found a site with nice service , I mean free, this site is urfooz. In this site you can create your own custom avatar with nice look. In this site you can custom your face, eye, hair, cloth and many more.
If you doesnt know what avatar use for, let me explain it. Avatar use by people on the internet world to describe themself, in the forum you can see many people use custom pic or their real photo so they can know each other thats a human not a bot. Oh yeah avatar can use for your messenger, such as Yahoo messenger, MSN massenger or Skype and social media sites like facebook, twitter and friendster. You can see example my avatar on my facebook. I’ve a lot experience with this site service, easy to manage your avatar, easy navigation. n I just made my own avatar, so check it out.

other online avatar maker is FaceYourManga is a cool site which lets you create custom avatars which can be used on various social media sites and other online networks such as facebook, friendster, yuwie, etc. You can choose face type, eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hairs, clothes, etc which match your face features.

* Easily create trendy avatars through mouse clicks
* Many customization options
* Download Avatars to your computer
* Check and rate other avatars in My Faces section

Once you are on the website, click on Faceyourmanga and start customizing your avatar. If you are a blogger or a net addict, for online presence I will suggest use the same avatar on every website and forums.